Monday, August 30, 2010


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Welcome back and happy Monday! You'll notice that this is the first MONSTERPLEX page in black and white. The MP Team was going full steam ahead on production until the editors at Zuda told us to stop and wait until they could take a look at our plans for the story. Which they never did. I had it ready to go, my outline was ready--but they wouldn't look at it. And then everything fell apart.

As it stood at the time of stopping, we had 10 pages inked and lettered and only two of those pages were colored (the next colored page is tomorrow). We hope you can enjoy the uncolored pages anyway as they will at least give you an idea of what we were up to.

If you get a chance, please do leave a comment. We're partly using this unveiling to gauge just how much interest there still is out there for MONSTERPLEX and we'd appreciate you letting us know what you think of the new pages. 

More tomorrow!



AndyW said...

Nice :-)

I love the little kid eating popcorn off the floor, blissfully unaware. And I like the neat setup for the unrequited love/appetite relationship here.

I think the very last mini-panel doesn't quite work. Those luscious lips don't really fit with her face as seen in long-shot. In fact the nose, lips and chin all look more rounded and conventionally pretty - which rather goes against the quirky and distinctive face you've created for her.

If Wolf gets some character development down the line, please don't take away his goofy exuberance!

The Midnight Cartooner said...

So glad this is continuing, here's hoping we get more pages in the future! Great set of characters and I want to get to know them a little better.

Scott said...

I hate vampire characters. Although the dynamic between those two is a little unexpected. Personally, I'd suggest using a proper medical procedure to reduce mess, waste, chance of infection, etc. Thought I think he likes her sucking on him.

Ginpu said...

Sweet! I'm glad you're trying to move forward with this. I enjoyed what I've read so far and am looking forward to more! :D

Brock said...

Andy W - The "kid" eating popcorn on the floor was something artist David Schlotterback added as a nod to a very famous movie monster. I loved it as well. Appreciate the feedback on the last panel and Wolf. Something to keep in mind should we ever continue past page 18.

The Midnight Cartooner - You're going to get to know them A LOT better over the next several pages. Hopefully you'll like what you see.

Scott - Wait.

Ginpu - I don't want you to get the wrong idea here...we haven't been continuing MP. All the pages you're seeing were done months and months ago, before Zuda pulled the plug on us. We're still debating whether or not we want to do a proper relaunch of Monsterplex. Your kind words certainly mean a lot.

Scott said...

@Brock: I was hoping you had a twist in mind. ;)

Javier said...

Do it! Do it! Go MP! I don't mind the vampire chick because I know how you work and I'm sure that's influencing this story as well. Basically what I mean is that the Superfogeys are all archetypes of characters that already exist, but you've put such an interesting spin on them that they are unique. Already the vampires prove to be different since they apparantly don't turn people into vampires after a bite. That already says a lot and I appreciate it. I really want to see where all this goes. I want this to continue because of its massive potential and because it'll help rally others who've been dropped by Zuda. I know you guys can pull it off, so good luck and persevere!

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