Friday, August 27, 2010


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This is it, the first MONSTERPLEX page since February, 2010! Now you finally get to see where we were taking this thing. My team is watching and we would most definitely appreciate your feedback.

For those of you who still have questions about Zuda shutting down and letting us go, I recently did a VERY candid interview with Tom Racine over at Tall Tale Radio about the shut down, the money involved and why I think Zuda failed. It's an interesting listen and it's actually the back half of an interview primarily about the big, BIG things happening in my first webcomic, The SuperFogeys, right now. Give it a listen here!

Don't forget! We're posting one new MONSTERPLEX page every weekday until we run out. More on Monday!



Greg Bulmash said...

Cool stuff. If you're having trouble tracking, consider using Google Analytics. If you've got a Gmail account, you should be able to sign up for Analytics and I believe that Blogger has Analytics integration options.

Ping me if you need help.

Brock said...

Thanks, Greg. A coworker saw my plight and helped me figure out where the stats are in Blogger. I now know what's going on. Thanks, man!

tmcelmurry said...

It's awesome to see another page of Monsterplex. I voted for this thing tons when it was going thru the Zuda thing, sorry about the outcome of that, but that thanks for continuing it. This is such a creative and original story. Talk about a rough day as the new owner. Can't wait to see more.

Ed- said...

I like that we get to see the "aftermath" on this page. After being thrown into this new world, and the chaos that ensued, it's nice to have some breathing room and figure out "what just happend?!" Both for the characters, and the reader.

Officer Cooper and Ryan's back and forth cracked me up!

the Rich girl said...

I love how Ryan is trying to correct Officer Cooper. Nice try, small fry.

I wish I had a million dollars so I could give it to the Monsterplex team in order for them to continue on.

Reading Monsterplex is like watching the last bit of FlashForward -- things are getting more interesting, but there's not going to be a real resolution. Makes me want to punch out Zuda all over again.

(Please note that I think Monsterplex is much more worthwhile than FlashForward.)

Brock said...

I'm glad you guys are digging this "breather" approach. I knew I had to calm things down after the insanity of the first 8 pages so that when things ramp back up later they have resonance, but I wasn't entirely sure how that approach would go over. (And unfortunately you're not going to see the ramping up--don't blame me, blame Zuda!)

Rich girl - Thank you for saying that. I didn't think FlashForward was all that great either...but I'm telling you right now you're got more resolution from that show than you're about to get from Monsterplex! Sorry!

lynn campbell said...

I love it, Brock. Yep, I'm still mad at Zuda, too!

Heathery said...

didn't Slime on your masthead have a cigar at one point? other than that, I think the pleasure of creating the storyline and orginal characters match that of us reading it and getting a fix while it lasts...

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