Monday, July 19, 2010


My plan was to start posting the new Monsterplex pages today. We now have the rights back and there's nothing to stop us from showing you the 8 pages you're already familiar with, plus the 10 mostly completed additional pages you've never seen.

Then, over the weekend, I got to thinking that this blog wasn't really the best place for that. I talked it over with colorist Mike DeVito and he agreed to set up a temp site over at so the pages can be read and accessed easily. Mike is one of the co-publishers of Th3rd World Studios (which also publishes The Stuff of Legend, Space Doubles, Pinkerton and, of course, The SuperFogeys), so it's not really a big trick to get this done in a hurry.

The problem is the San Diego Comic-Con. Until the Con is over, this isn't happening. There's just too much to do.

So, I'm going to ask for just a little more patience. Once the new Monsterplex site goes live, I'll be able to post commentaries to each strip and you'll be able to leave comments, page easily through the archive, etc. It's going to look at lot like this.

For now, still takes you to Zuda. When the new Monsterplex site is ready, it'll take you to there. Bookmark now if you haven't already!

Update on the San Diego Comic-Con: I will now not only be packin' some SuperFogeys trades to sell, but I'll also have some brand spankin' new SuperFogeys bookmarks to hand out. Cool, right? If you can find me, hit me up for one and I'll gladly oblige. Or you can find me at the panel on Digital Comics in Room 7AB on Friday at 11:30am.

Thanks for everyone's support lately. Your faith in us and MP is tremendous.

More later.



Dorth said...

*Doing the happy dance in his undies and won't stop even with the wife asking. Oh yeaaah!*

JFx said...

Hey Monsterplex is amazing we are waiting for new adventures at your theater. :)

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