Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm pleased to report that we are now in active negotiations with Zuda for getting the rights to Monsterplex back. Given the terms we've already been discussing, I don't see anything that will prevent us from having full ownership of Monsterplex very, very soon. There will come a time when I can discuss the details and terms of the negotiation, but that time is not quite here.

One of the first things I did once negotiations began was to express my anger and frustration at not being able to continue Monsterplex as per our contract. It felt good to say that out loud, but I was also quick to point out that what I'm feeling isn't really directed towards anybody. I think that, as far as Zuda goes, there was no one who wanted to see things go this way with the site shutting down and so many creators set adrift. I'm not even entirely sure that those who remain--from the creators to Zuda Editorial--think that this Zuda 2.0 (folding the Zuda titles into the DC Digital Initiative) is at all an improvement. They very well may, but I can't agree with that in the least. Zuda, effectively, no longer exists. Now that I know we're getting our rights to Monsterplex back, I'm almost glad we weren't chosen to move on to Zuda 2.0. Almost. I'm getting there.

Speaking of being chosen, I found out why we weren't. It has been made clear to me that quality and talent truly WAS NOT part of the equation. I must say, I had my doubts. I had been feeling like the rejection of Monsterplex was truly a rejection--that we were simply deemed not good enough to continue. I imagined a scenario in which Zuda Editorial sat around, looked at what they had with Monsterplex, and declared, "These pages suck." Turns out, that's not true.

The real criteria for choosing which titles made it into Zuda 2.0 had entirely to do with where the comics were in their life cycle. Comics with a significant number of screens (pages) were chosen to move on, and those that didn't have that, weren't. This means that every winner from this year, including us, was let go, and a number of winners from last year as well. Don't ask me the exact titles because I don't know; that's just he basic criteria. In a lot of ways, this makes me feel better. We're all feeling less rejected now.

So, what now Monsterplex? Mike, Dave and I are exploring our options. I'll report more on that when I can. However, I will tell you that we've reached a decision about the 10 additional pages that we created that you haven't seen yet:

We're gonna show them to you.

As soon as negotiations are completed, I'll be posting the initial eight pages all together. Then, in the next 10 weekdays afterwards, I'll post the rest of the pages one at a time, bringing you right through page 18. You'll finally get a good sense of where we were heading with this thing and I can't wait to see what you guys think.

So, that's something to look forward to at least. Does this mean that Monsterplex as a comic will continue past those 18 pages? Nope. It doesn't mean anything, really. This will simply be our gift to you for fighting the good fight back in January and for being so patient all these months.

More later.



Stacy said...

Brock, if you guys want to continue with Monsterplex, have you thought about doing it in Graphic Novel form?

Brock said...

Stacy, that's not actually one of the options we've discussed...and I have no idea why. I'm gonna bring that up! Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...


Greg Bulmash said...

Don't post the next 10 pages for free. Make the full 18 pages into an e-book people can buy via the Kindle store on Amazon (since you can get Kindle for PCs, iPhone, Android, etc.). Price it at $2. I'll buy it.

Tim Simmons said...

Hey man, I heard about this through another blog-- really bummed to hear that it shook down the way it did for you.
The plus side is that you seem to be taking it quite well. I will say that I don't think it's Zuda's intention to screw you over-- and I'm sure they'll do the right thing and release you guys to continue your work...
I really hope you choose to continue on with your series-- just because it isn't on Zuda doesn't mean your fans are going with it.

Best of luck, sir!

Dorth said...

Guys, even if I'm only one unknown, I can tell you you got my full support.

I was already considering buying Superfogey's book(s?) to support Brock (and since I'm a huge fan as well, posted a few comments as either Dorth or DorthLous.)

Tell us as soon as you can how us fans can help you, since I've recently seen a couple of my favorite webcomics go belly up by lack of funds only to find in the comment section near a hundred puzzled fans that never even saw the donation button or such. ;)

The art is good, the concept is better than great, you have the know-how. Seriously, getting OUT of Zuda might actually turn out to be good for you on the long run (I'm thinking of a certain guy who retained toy merchandising rights on a certain saga...)

Best of luck and do not forget, for everyone who speaks up, others lurk!

Dorth said...

Btw, sorry for the double post, but the light yellow on white? Might want to change that ;)

Brock said...

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. It really means a lot that we have so much support. Is that enough to keep making more? We'll see.

Dorth, I've considered adding a donation button to SuperFogeys many times, but I've always resisted. I just wonder if people would resent that.'re right. The reality of money is that I can't keep doing free forever. Would something like that work for MP? I dunno. Really appreciate your words here. Hopefully we can figure something out. I really believe in MP.

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