Monday, September 6, 2010



AndyW said...

Oh, the plot thickens!

I'll bet it's Broderick and Co. who are the ones making the monster world so terrible. A face as nasty as that *has* to belong to an arch villain!

Ok, soapbox time, stop reading now unless you want your daily dose of Politically Correct ;-)

I work in the civil service in the UK, in immigration enforcement. That means my job is to help remove from the UK people who have come there illegally - and who aren't genuine refugees. That point is important.

With very few exceptions, genuine refugees travel illegally, because they dare not travel on their own documents for fear of being caught leaving their home country.

By dividing the monsters into the nice, well behaved ones who are legal, and the violent attackers who are illegal, you risk turning all who travel illegally into bogeymen - literally :-D. Yes, I know this is just a comic, not real life, but it is also clearly a satirical comment on real life - and that means it can influence people's opinions.

I know very well the harm that many illegal entrants can cause, either directly or indirectly; I see evidence of it pretty much every day. But I think it's important not to demonise genuine refugees by lumping them in with the harmful ones.

Having said all that, congratulations on touching on such matters. Serious comic satire is very hard to do, and anyone brave enough to take it on should be applauded. I really, *really* hope this story lives on.

Or shambles on, even if a few bits fall off here and there :-D

Scott said...

Brock's not dividing the violent ones into legal/illegal. Please keep in mind, character perspective and motive is everything. The doll is scared, so she's going to be brining up every argument in her favour and to separate herself from the ones causing problems. The only brush painted on the illegal monsters is that they are desperate.

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