Thursday, September 2, 2010


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If any page suffers from a lack of color, it might be this one. I think the air of mystery is there, but it would have been cool to see this one with the dark tones that were originally intended. Still, I love the detail in Dave's art here. This is one you really need to click on and see bigger. No doubt about it--this was Ryan's office!

In non-MONSTERPLEX news, SuperFogeys Chapter 10, Bubbles of Light starts today. This is the strip I both write AND draw. It's a great jumping on point.

More tomorrow.



AndyW said...

Villian! Booo!! Hissss!!!

Erm... he looks worryingly like a greasier version of me. Have you been watching me? :-(


Incidentally, I've never seen any woman sit like that. Looks more desperate bimbo than corporate climber. Is that a USA thing? Or (to put it rather crudely) a sexist cliche thing?

Though I suppose it would be tricky to show both her and the table-top without that... overlap ;-)

Love the break room; wonderfully seedy.

tmcelmurry said...

Man, I really don't know what to think about this. Is Lina a spy or are the powers that be wanting to keep themselves secret?

So does that work with ectoplasm, or is it the new iLotion with FaceTime software built in? :)

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