Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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All the MONSTERPLEX pages from here on out will be in black and white. Better that than nothing, right? And besides, I think Dave's pages hold up well in black and white. 

This page and the last set up the two little romances I was gonna be playing with over the course of our woulda'-been first season. This is the first and last taste of the Ken/Bitsy relationship that you'll be getting  for now. Shame, that. Their story was my favorite thing of everything we had planned.

Well, that and the plans I had for Aunt Ant.

More missed opportunities revealed tomorrow!



Heathery said...

yeah I love butter pecan too.

Scott said...

That and necrophilia is not sexy. Ken must smell like either like rotting death or preservatives.

the Rich girl said...

I'm not sure whether to be creeped out by Ken, impressed by Bitsy's handling of the situation, or secretly rooting for them to get together. Maybe I'm a little of all three.

And I agree, the pages don't need color. (Though, I do love the color we've seen so far. It's been perfect.)

AndyW said...

Oh no! Will Ken ever get his arm back?!

And for how long...?

I have to ask, is Bitsy a were-spider-thing? Or is her name just a coincidence? It'd be a laugh if it's her own webbing she's grossed out by :-)

But I guess that's just fallout from the disaster.

From your comment above, Brock, it's really sounding like the decision about whether Monsterplex has a chance of a future has already been made; and not in a happy direction :-(

Brock said...

AndyW - I'll admit Monsterplex is more dead than alive right now, but there's still hope. You never know.

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