Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Welcome to page 11! Those of you that are taking the time to comment and let us know what you think, we thank you. We worked hard on these pages and hope you dig where the story is heading. Remember,  Monsterplex is not continuing past page 18 (for now), so please enjoy these with that in mind. 

If you are looking for a continuing story written by me and drawn by someone far better, you could do a lot worse than the Spy Gal origin that starts today over at my primary webcomic, The SuperFogeys

More tomorrow.



Scott said...

Having given over 50 blood donations I can safely say that no, it probably isn't enough. Actual donation of whole blood takes about 5 minutes if you've got good veins.

Love the cop. Hope she brought enough doughnuts.

tmcelmurry said...

I think Lina's gonna have a rough time getting order in this place. I love how the characters all come together though, the cop stepping up to help is great, just shows the camaraderie they all have together, not to mention anything for a donut and some OJ. :)

Heathery said...

laughed aloud for several minutes which says alot when I am alone. normally I need someone to get me going. Lina made it easy. good job guys. (need a pg 19 with a 'big reveal'...)

AndyW said...

I love the way Lina is a half beat out of sync with the madness. She believes in it... but she doesn't quite GET it :-)

Anonymous said...

Monsterplex seems very nice. I'll enjoy the pages we're lucky enough to have.

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