Friday, July 2, 2010


Yesterday, David Harper of Multiversity Comics interview myself and a bunch of other Zuda creators about the demise of Zuda as we know it and what's next. Participating in the article are creators who are both sticking with Zuda and those who, like myself, were kicked to the curb.

You can read the entire article here.

I think I come off as a bit of Grumpy Gus when compared to the others, but that certainly was not my intention. I was just doing my best to be honest about my feelings and perceptions. See what you think at the link!

In other news, Mike, David and I talked for the first time yesterday about the possibility of continuing Monsterplex in the wake of what's happened. A lot of pros and con were tossed around, but one thing we all agreed on was that none of us are in a place, emotionally, where we can make this decision this week. So, the discussion has been officially tabled...for now.

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of support and love in the past 24 hours. The response has been encouraging and showed me that everyone who was with us back in February is still with us now.

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Evil Greg said...

I know how much of a dream-come-true it was to win this and be working on a project with DC, and the vicarious joy I felt when you won was matched by the vicarious disappointment I felt when this happened.

I really hope you guys will choose to continue with the strip when all is said and done. It had a lot of potential and it would be a shame not to see it realized.

Good luck and remember to think about all the great folks who are still here to support you guys.

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