Friday, February 26, 2010


"Promise me you're never going to do this again!"

That's what my wife Erin said to me over the phone as soon as she found out. And after she screamed with delight. My response?

"You got it."

This month has been a whirlwind of hard work and emotions for me and my family. In my adult life, I learned a long time ago what it really means to work hard for something. You almost have to not care about the outcome. You just do the work that needs to be done. Focus on that and, even if it doesn't work out, you'll at least know you did everything you could. Most of your satisfaction will come from just knowing that, no matter what the result.

But...sometimes things come together perfectly and you win one! Now that's a sweet feeling. MONSTERPLEX has been a 2 year journey for me. 2 years. David came on around the same time, and Mike about a year later. Having now won...I'm still in a kind of shell-shock.

Mike was the first to tell me. I didn't see it through the refresh. I instantly got chills and they lasted for about a minute solid. Have you ever had chills for that long? You start thinking you might be sick. But, I wasn't. I was on cloud nine.

I'm still there and if there's one feeling that's overriding all others it's this: gratitude.

You are all awesome. If someone asks you today, "Are you awesome?" You will be able to say "Yes, I am awesome." If that same person fires back with "How do you know?" you will turn to that person and say, simply, "Because MONSTERPLEX won."

I really, truly feel as though this win is because of all of you. Yesterday, we had given up. No, no, we had. We talked about what we'd do with MONSTERPLEX after losing. But you guys just kept at it and pulled off one of the biggest upsets I think any of us have ever seen.

I wish I could thank you all individually, but there's no way I possibly can. There's too many of you! We're humbled by that. Truly humbled. We could not have done it without all of you and I'm just so amazed by how everyone came out to support us. I see all of you as a part of this thing with us.

I do need to name at least three people that were INTEGRAL to this success:

To our wives Erin, Tracy and Lauren. They took this journey with us, fought for us and, in some ways, it meant even more to them!

Also, thanks to David Schlotterback and Michael DeVito for doing this thing with me. They make it look like I can write.

Guys, you have the floor.

David Schlotterback

I want to personally thank all of my friends, family and anyone who came out to support us in this! I'm truly indebted to you all! Extra-special thanks goes to my wife, Tracy!

Michael DeVito says:

I want to thank everyone who helped to get us to this point. If it wasn't for all the support you guys have showed we wouldn't have been neck and neck with our competition, who put up an amazing fight. I'll be honest I thought we were done for weeks ago. That said we never stopped trying. Thanks Brock and Dave for making me a part of this great collaboration. And, of course, big thanks to Zuda.

A special thanks also goes out to my wife Lauren, and kids Matteo and Luca for their support and putting up with the late nights to come.

To that I would also like to thank my girls, Elora and Cami for putting up with Dad spending hours at the computer and in the bedroom doing interviews. I hope they enjoy Monsterplex for many years to come.

Now...a lot of you are asking, what's next? What's next is that we're going to disappear for a little while. Maybe 2 or three months. During that time, we'll going to be heavy into production on MONSTERPLEX. Then, soon, Monsterplex will restart on Zuda and you'll get one new page a week for one solid year. We have a contract. We will fulfill it. (We will be paid!) We are excited.

During that time, we hope the popularity of MONSTERPLEX can grow. If it does sufficiently, DC/Zuda will renew our contract and maybe one day you'll see it in print! We hope so! This thing is for real now and we want to make good on the promise we've shown this past month.

But besides all that...we think you're in for a real treat. We have a fantastic, fantastic story planned. It's got twists, turns, suspense, cliffhangers, romance, violence, comedy, monsters galore,, MONSTERPLEX has it all.

Stick with us. It's gonna be one heckuva ride!

One more time...THANK YOU!

More later. Much more.


P.S. Keep your eye on the blog, you never know when it might update!


John Norton said...

Congrats, Brock, to you and everyone who made MONSTERPLEX possible!

Evil Greg said...

Dude, don't let Superfogeys disappear because of this!

Brock said...

@EvilGreg - Absolutely NOT! SuperFogeys will always be a priority for me and you should look forward to no bumps whatsoever in the schedule. If I could keep it going during the competition, I can certainly keep it going afterwards!

Rocket llama said...

Big congrats! I LOVE being an "I told you so." Interesting things really do happen in the last 48 hours on Zuda.

Brock said...

Thanks, Rocket! You were more right than I even thought possible.

Tyler said...

No one has asked me, but let it be known: I am awesome. But seriously, Brock, way to go! And David and Michael. You have one supertastic comic and I am way excited to see more.

Conlan said...

Super-congrats, dude. You don't know me--we used to be MySpace friends back in the day--but when I saw the post on the Beehive, I was behind you guys 100%. Congrats again. You're living the dream.

Anonymous said...

I was hopping up and down when I went on Zuda and saw that you guys had won! Congratulations! I look forward to reading Monsterplex! :D And I totally knew you would win too. I'm just saying. ;)

Brock said...

@Conlan - Of course I remember you! How you doin', man? Thanks for stopping by.

@Georgia - I'm glad someone knew! Because we had honestly given up. We were already making backup plans. Thanks for keeping the faith!

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