Thursday, February 11, 2010


Morning, all! Had some trouble with our servers earlier. Sorry about that. Everything should be running fine now.

MONSTERPLEX began this morning much like it has every morning this week, staying juuuuuust this far away from first place, with 7852 views, 185 favorites and just over 4 stars. The margin appears to be very slim between MP and the current number one comic, and I don't see any reason we can't push it over the edge. Can TEAM MONSTERPLEX grow? Let's spread the word some more and find out.

Now, first up in the sketch requests was one from my brother Tyler who asked for Lucy as the Chesire Cat. That's....just bizarre, Tyler. Still, here you go! I think you'll be pleased.

Next is a request from MONSTERPLEX mega fan Heather who asked for Bitsy dressed us as Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. Dave has called this his favorite of the sketches he's done, and I tend to agree.

Use the comments field below to get your sketch request in and Dave will get to it asap! Dave is looking to do up sketches of the MONSTERPLEX characters in whatever form you see fit. Have a comic? Dave could do the MP characters dressed up like them! Please, no nudity or anything otherwise inappropriate.

We're also looking for fan art. Send 'em along to bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll post it along with a link to your comic or site. Have fun!

More later.



Tyler said...

Alice: "Which path should I take?"
Lucy: "Whichever one leads to the best movie theater, of course."

Thanks a lot, Dave! What a fantastic drawing. (And I do mean fantastic.) She looks very wise and very...perplexing.

One thing I don't understand however: How does one get the label 'mega fan'? I mean, I probably have more comments on this blog than anyone in the universe. Heather, I'm sure, is deserving, but I need to know the requirements.

Brock said...

You have the label "brother." That's even better than a "mega fan."

Speaking of brothers, do you know if McKay has gotten online to vote yet? I know McKenna has, but what about McKay?? If we lose by one vote I'll know who to blame.

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