Friday, February 12, 2010


Morning, all! As of now we stand at 8545 views, 209 favorites and just over 4 stars in the stats that we can see (can't see how many votes we're getting)! That's good--really good in fact--but we're still about 40 favorites away from the leader. Can we overtake him? Entirely up to you!

Earlier this week I had the chance to talk with Brian Dunaway over at Comics Coast to Coast about MONSTERPLEX and, more specifically, Zuda and the ins and outs of competition. Want to know how much we'll be paid if we win the contract? Brian and I discuss it at length in the podcast. Brian was great to talk with and a real pro. Thanks, man!

Listen to the interview here!

Special note: sorry about the audio issues on the podcast interview I posted earlier. These things happen sometimes and it's too bad, really, because the guys at Strangers With Comics conducted a great interview. Don't worry about today's interview--shouldn't have any of those issues.

A little later today you can expect a new sketch request to be fulfilled and I'm hoping to also get another Script to Page installment done. We'll see.

More later.



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