Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Morning, all! As of this morning MONSTERPLEX is holding steady in the number two spot. We're way out in front in total view numbers, but lagging behind in our star rating and way behind in number of favorites. If you haven't favorited or star rated yet, please do so!

Today we take a look at what went into the creation of Page 2. This was a tricky page to pull off as there was a couple of tonal shifts going on. Here, take a look at the script:


1- Lucy and Lina running screaming out of the auditorium. I see them as kind of coming at the camera real close like, with the door to the auditorium way in the background. Just trying to evoke the old woman screaming cliché of the those monster movies.


2- Lucy and Lina talking to Bitsy, our “Juno”-like, regular teenaged girl employee of Corman Cinemas. Bitsy is holding a broom and scoop, like would be typically used by a movie theater employee. Lucy is screaming at Bitsy, while Lina is doubled over and looks like she’s about to throw up.

Uh, yeah?


I want to speak to the
manager, RIGHT NOW!

3- Ryan Hull, the manager of Corman Cinemas pops up behind Lucy and Lina. Lucy is now turned to Ryan, while Lina still looks like she’s about to throw up. Ryan is sweating and nervous.

Hi there!
What can I do
for you lovely

For starters, you can
explain to my friend here
why her popcorn was
seasoned with

Ma’am, I’m sure
there aren’t any beetles
in our pop—

4- All eyes on Lina as she throws up a beetle.

5- Same angle as 4 as Lina, still hunched over, wipes green slime from her mouth.


6- Ryan talking to Bitsy.


Bitsy, who’s got
auditorium three?


Ken, I think.

7- Ryan turning around and screaming. (You might want to combine panel 7 with 6, if you need to.)

8- Looking past Ryan, Lucy and Lina to see Ken, also known as Zombie Watanabe, running up. Ken has on his decaying uniform and has a broom and a shotgun strapped to his back. Ken should be the true focus of this panel, as this is the big reveal.


Sorry boss, there’s this—



Now, check out Dave's first pass at the script:

I felt like was a good first try, but that Dave was way overemphasizing the vomit scene. I meant for it to be a little joke on a page with a lot of important things going on. Dave took what was visually the most interesting part of the page and made it huge. Sometimes, that's what you want to do. Other times...

DAVID SCHLOTTERBACK (Monsterplex Artist): The big “throw up” scene with LIna was a favorite of mine. I thought the real humor would take place in that panel. But, it was a little over the top and I admit a little gross for our star heroine to be displayed in such a ugly demonstration right off the bat. So, the throw up scene was toned down a lot in the final version.

So, we moved on:

Now we were cookin', but again the emphasis was on the wrong thing. This time, it was panel one that was the problem. Way too big. I learned here that I needed to be a little more explicit in my scripts. I could have saved Dave a lot of trouble if I'd just let him in a little more on what I thought the focus of the page was.

After finally explaining myself, Dave was able to nail it:

More later today, including the latest sketch request!



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