Friday, February 5, 2010


Wolf takes the stage in the third installment of our evolution series, a character that proved fairly easy to get a handle on. Which is appropriate.

DAVID SCHLOTTERBACK (Monsterplex Artist): This was Brock’s idea for the design of Wolf. He was envisioning him to be young, if I remember correctly. He also wanted him to be a playful character, with dog-like cravings and behavior.

BROCK HEASLEY (Monsterplex Writer):
I had a pretty fixed idea of what Wolf would look like in my head. The big eyes were meant to make him look child-like, but I think they made him look a little creepy instead.

DAVID: We weren’t going to go the classic wolf-man route in appearance. We were going to push the wolf more and not the man so much, which I was totally for. In Brock’s sketch, he portrayed Wolf as a young character, but I wanted Wolf to be big. I mean, BIG. We already had a slew of characters at this point and none took up the entire room. I felt Wolf could be this character and in doing so would really over-emphasize the giant, happy-to-please-master dog qualities in a very humorous way. This sketch was one of my first attempts at designing his face.

DAVID: By this point, I was beginning to realize how much fun drawing monsters was going to be. I still have the most fun with MP when drawing the eclectic mess of ghouls and goblins that Corman has to offer. We’ll be presenting more and more as the story unfolds.

BROCK: Wolf's final look here. David knew immediately how to handle Wolf's uniform, going for a minimal half-naked look. That was for the ladies.

More to come!

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Brasílio said...

thanking for posting those evolutions, very interesting. All the best in te competition

Brock said...

Thanks, Brasilio! Much more coming and I hope we can count on your vote!

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