Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Morning, all! MONSTERPLEX'S current numbers stand at 10465 views, 242 favorites and just over 4 stars. Sadly, this puts us way behind the first place ranked comic which has about 80 more favorites than MP. We're way down, but we're still not out. Please stop by MONSTERPLEX again to comment and view if you haven't done so in a while.

And encourage your friends to vote, favorite and star rate! Team Monsterplex can still take this. I truly believe that.

Today we take a look at Priscilla, the vampiress. This was a tricky character as I wanted a very specific look for her. To expedite matters, I did the first sketch so Dave could have a jumping off point.

DAVID SCHLOTTERBACK (Monsterplex Artist): Brock had a very clear picture of Pris and I liked it from the get-go. I knew that once I got my hands on her, I mean, the character, it would be a fun character to hack out page after page. And she has become just that.

BROCK: Look at those legs! Way too short. It was just a design sketch though, so I didn't worry too much about it. At the time. Now, it's just embarrassing.

DAVID: We had established the Corman attire by this point, so it became a matter of incorporating that attire with her personality. In Brock’s original sketch he was going for a thicker body type, but I objected to the idea being that it would be too close to Lina and we needed to have the two wholly separated in their body types. So, I thinned her up, ala Christina Aguilera, yet still wanted to retain the sexy appeal to her. I believe we made a few revisions to her face, but this is basically what we ended up with.

BROCK: I don't know what I was thinking with the white vest...thing. That kind of thing wouldn't contrast very well with pale vampire skin. Dave did a good job adapting the design to what he'd already designed for the Corman crew.

Pris doesn't have much screen time in the 8-page Zuda submission, but look for her to pop up a lot more in the rest of the story. She's one of the characters I'm most excited about.

More later.



Kristie said...

Are you still taking sketch requests? I want to see Priscilla as a pretty pretty princess. ;-)

Brock said...

Yes, we are! Dave has heard your request and is working on it now!

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