Friday, February 19, 2010


Morning, all! We're seeing a bit of a rebound in the MONSTERPLEX numbers today. Not a lot, but we have a good trend going with about 10 times more comments than usual during the overnight and favorites are on the rise as well. As of this writing, we're at 11429 views, 268 favorites and just over 4 stars. Will that increase steadily over the course of the day? We'll see...

Let's take a look at Ken today. He started out quite a bit different from what we eventually ended up with!

DAVID SCHLOTTERBACK (Monsterplex Artist): This was my first attempt at good ole Ken. I’ll admit, I didn’t truly understand the character at first. I think of zombies as creatures that are void of personality, so bringing personality to a zombie seemed a tough task. My attempt was a little too gross for Brock. Fun to draw, but hard to look at. You can see from the notes along the edge that we wanted a “little scrapper, make him a little more … anime.” He is an unusual zombie in that he actually has personality and can spill out a little action.

BROCK HEASLEY (Monsterplex Writer): First pass was a great zombie, but not a character I'd want to follow and care about. So, I hunkered down and showed Dave what I had in mind.

DAVID: Once I saw that, I knew I was waaaay off the mark in my interpretation.

BROCK: I wanted Ken to have an element of cool. It was basically all in the hair with my design. I think I went a little too far with the nose.

BROCK: Once Dave could see better what I had intended, he had no problem adapting it to his style and giving Ken a modified Corman uniform. My favorite part was his left arm being exposed bone. Wolf will have a lot of fun with that once the fight settles down.

More later.



Brasílio said...

Hope to see more of Mr. Watanabe.
Trying to get a friend or two to sign in on zuda and vote Monsterplex.
All the best

(coyoteBR on Zuda)

Brock said...

Thanks, Brasilio! That's exactly the kind of push we need here at the end-personal messages!

You will most certainly see more of Ken. He has a pivotal role to play in what happens next.

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